Monday, October 1, 2012

My Worldview

What do you find are the major differences or conflicts between a non-theistic worldview and your own?

My worldview consists of salvation by grace through faith, not of my own works, but as a gift from God. This is where all worldviews diverge from true Christianity. I believe that this life is filled with eternal purpose, and everyday brings new opportunity to win souls for Christ. The non-theistic worldview sees everything in a fatalistic sense. Non-theism holds that this life is all there is, and our existence is limited to this physical world. This worldview, when reduced to its lowest common denominator, ultimately says there is no point in life. My worldview values life over all other things or experiences, and seeks to share life eternal with as many people as possible.

How might your approach to evangelizing someone of a non-theistic religion differ from that of a theistic one?

I would approach a theistic worldview by pointing out that every religion besides Christianity requires its adherents to scale the mountain of deeds to work his way to God. The Christian believes that God lowered Himself to our level and came down the mountain to us. People of non-theistic religions must be shown there is more to life than this fleeting physical existence. God is not just an unknown force, He is the eternal being that created us in His image. We were born to be in fellowship with our Maker. Unfortunately we are a people fallen to sin, and only God Himself can deliver us. He completed our salvation through His own son, God in the flesh, Jesus Christ. Faith in Christ and in His atoning death is the only remedy to our broken relationship with Him. He is a loving and personal God who has revealed Himself to mankind, and seeks a relationship with us. He is also a God of order. Looking at His creation, we find exquisite detail and unparalleled order that can only be divinely ordained. Humankind, the crown jewel of His creation, did not come into existence arbitrarily. We are here for a purpose, to glorify God. It is that purpose which orders and defines our lives.

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