Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Balanced media consumption?

I believe Christians are falling for a trap.  We cannot know the Scriptures that our forefathers passed down to us if we do not devote ourselves to study them.  We cannot study the Scriptures if our allegiance is to the next episode of some debaucherous and hedonistic television drama or pointless reality show.  Men and women were burned at the stake so that we might have God's Word in our language, yet we take this treasure for granted.

The amount of television being consumed is staggering.  The fact that our children are taking in twice as much useless nonsense as actual schooling is unacceptable.  As Christians, our commitment should be to content and not entertainment.   Should not our lives be radically different from those of the world?   Parents desperately need to reign in this “cultural narcissism” amongst children before it consumes them.  Our allegiance should be to developing the minds of the next generation so that the torch of the gospel may be passed on.  My wife and I do not have cable, and rarely watch television at all.  However, this has not always been the case.  Before we truly committed to serving Christ, we watched a good bit of television.  We were convicted by the mindless time wasting that was stealing our opportunity to know God personally.   I can always tell when my children have been watching teenage sitcoms because their attitude changes, and their behavior jumps ahead to adolescence.  If we are truly Imago Dei, the image of God, then how can we abdicate the responsibility to think and reason to a mindless electronic beast?

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