Thursday, May 9, 2013

Materialism and the Progressive Ideal

We live in a materialistic culture that is obsessed with possessions. This is the legacy of Marx, Darwin, and other nineteenth century progressives. The intangibles such as humility, honor, virtue, and spiritual growth are treated as folklore in today's modern world. In Western culture, the driving force in most people's lives is acquiring money. Money is necessary for everyday life, but its acquisition now dominates hearts, minds, and lives. It is sought after for comfort, security, joy, and pleasure. Money has become the means to our materialistic end. This pursuit is in vain, for these are all things that God provides and money steals. Whether consciously or unconsciously, westerners are taught to strive after material things. This finds its roots in the progressive ideal. The pervading idea in the west is that man will improve as his circumstances improve. This is the reason Marx sought to make all things equal. He thought man was a product of his circumstances. Darwin also saw creatures as products of their environment. This is how he formed his evolutionary theories. They have indeed “cast a long shadow” on the modern secular world. Today the progressive ideal is beginning to crumble. We see from the failure of social systems such as Communism, that man is far more complex that Marx and Darwin estimated. In America, entitlement programs have proven the sinfulness of man, and his willingness to work the system rather than improve it. Perhaps we will pay attention to history before Democracy goes the way of Communism. Whether we do or not, God is still on His throne. He reigns and rules whether men recognize it or not. Thanks be to God that He hold Kings and governments in the palm of his hand!

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Very well said!