Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Bible Stands Alone

 "The manner in which the Bible has been produced argues against its unity.  The Bible was penned on two continents, written in three languages, and its composition and compilation extended through the slow progress of sixteen centuries.  The various parts of the Bible were written at different times and under the most varying circumstances.  Parts of it were written in tents, deserts, cities, palaces, and dungeons.  Some parts in times of imminent danger and others in seasons of ecstatic joy.  Among its writers were judges, kings, priests, prophets, patriarchs, prime ministers, herdsmen, scribes, soldiers, physicians, and fishermen.  Yet, despite these varying circumstances, conditions, and workmen, the Bible is one Book; behind its many parts there is an unmistakable organic unity.  It contains one system of doctrine, one code of ethics, one plan of salvation, and one rule of faith."
                                                   -- A. W. Pink

This quote from A. W.  Pink rely captures what a treasure we have in the Bible.  God has spoke with immense clarity, and compiled His revelation into one volume.  Let us not consider it archaic or dogmatic; it is living and active.  God's Word does not deserve to collect dust, it deserves tattered, overused pages worn out from constant use.

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