Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spiritual Warfare

In the secularized world we live in today, there is no doubt that a spiritual war is being waged for the hearts and minds of men and women across the globe. In post-Christian America, people of faith struggle to influence our culture with the things of God. It seems we have lost our edge. Perhaps we have discounted the most effective and powerful weapon at our disposal: prayer. The adversary has convinced us that our busy schedules should reign supreme in the battle for our time. Our enemy is subtle and clever in his twisting of the truth. It seems harmless to adhere to a fast paced schedule, but it skews our priorities. If we are not careful, every waking moment of our day will be consumed with the non-eternal worries of everyday life. We must carve out dedicated time for persistent, desperate prayer. How else can we be attuned to the Holy Spirit's leading? How else can we be equipped to repel the accusations and condemnation of the enemy? In my own personal evangelism, many times I have failed to step up to the Spirit's lead because I heard that ancient accusation: “You aren't good enough to share your faith”, or “God won't use you”. I know I serve a victorious savior, and I fight a war with a predestined outcome. I know the truths of Scripture. If I do not pray, I am not being obedient, and I am not prepared. To be effective in this war, we must find a way to unplug from all of our distractions and get on our knees. The fight is fierce, and time is short, but we have assurance. It is Yahweh that fights for us, and He is a “more formidable foe than can be imagined”.

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Anonymous said...

Prayer also builds your faith. That is the big lesson I have learned in the past few years. There's no telling what God would do, if we would just be faithful to fervently pray.